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  • Bryan helped me tone up through a combination of weight training and nutrition management. He made each session interesting by introducing new exercises. He’s knowledgeable and punctual — a true professional!
    • Claudia Davila – 2015 age 33
  • I have worked with Bryan, on and off, for about 2 years. He always brings a fresh perspective to workouts that keep you challenged and motivated. Over the past couple of years, Bryan developed several different training programs for me that emphasized cardio conditioning and weight training. With his help, I also started doing power-lifting workouts, and I was able to increase my total lifts from 550 lbs to nearly 950 lbs. He also knows how to set up a nutrition program for you to help you maximize gains and achieve your weight goals. I would highly recommend Bryan to others who want to get in shape!
    • Bryan Elrod – 2014-2016 age 49