One on One Personal Training

In person training that includes nutritional coaching and weekly check-in for questions

Online Training

Customized workout plan that range from 4, 8, or 12 weeks programs

Nutritional Coaching

Customized meal plan that is catered towards your fitness goal.


One on one Personal Training

Work one on one with me to achieve your fitness potential. Contact me for individualized pricing.

Services can include:

powerlifting, weight loss, introduction to weight lifting, flexible diet coaching, form critique, trigger point therapy, 24/7 email availability

Online Training

Programs includes up to 1 hour discussion on prioritizing this plan to fit in your schedule/lifestyle, and workout plan that is catered to your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Contact me for free consultation and weight lifting seminar (based on availability - usually once a month for either squat, bench press, or deadlift)


Nutritional Coaching

Program includes 2 discussions (up to 1 hour each) on flexible dieting, recommendations of foods to eat, and emergency go-to fast food options.

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