So this is mainly a refresher for those people that I have critiqued and want my tips in word form. I hope these tips help both beginners and intermediate lifters.

I’ll try to make a video by end of January


Remember breathing through your diagram

  • (when we laid on our back and had our feet on the wall)
  • It should feel like doing crunches and you can take a puch from Mike Tyson in his prime!

Engaging the lats

  • Imagine bending the bar around you
    • Turn elbow towards your body before you pull
    • Pull shoulders back and stick chest out

Engage the glutes

  • Think about keeping your knees pushed out
  • Load the hips by bringing them back


For conventional deadlifters

  • Start with heels about 6 inches apart.
  • Feet can be turned outwards (lifter’s preference)
  • Screw feet into the ground

The Set Up

As you lower yourself,

  • grab the bar just outside your hips
  • pull slack out of the bar

The Pull/The Hip Hinge

  • Look up
  • Stay tight
    • Think about using the barbell as a counter-weight, so “pull the bar into you”
    • Pull slack out of the bar and “push the ground down”
  • You do both of the last 2 bullet point at the same time
  • Click HERE is an article from where it gives more detail on the hip hinge with video


At the top of the lift

  • Do not shrug your shoulders
  • Stick your chest out
  • Tuck the chin

These are someĀ of my favorite videos for learning the deadlift