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Lower back pain

My attempt of helping @ayo_frank with lower back pain with explanation The first thing you should do is find out the cause of your lower back pain. Once you find out, you can let me know and I can figure out what’s the next best plan of action. From my experience with personal training, the majority of clients who have lower back pain have an anterior pelvic tilt. An APT causes a forward lean and applies excessive pressure on the lumbar spine. This is my best quick explanation of this under a minute so hit me up if you want more information.

Part 2 for @ayo_frank lower back stretch Here is the couch stretch that you can do at home. I recommend you do this on carpet or use a pillow for the knee on the ground if you have hard floors. *key* suck in your belly button forcing your pelvis in a neutral position and you should immediately feel the stretch throughout the quad. Hold each side for 2 minutes before bed is best. Don’t hold for 2 minutes if you are going to workout afterwards because your quads will be in a weak condition and won’t be effective in your workout. SumoLifts #BeBetterToday #BeStrongerToday #lowerbackpain #stretch #personaltrainer #active #workout #exercise #strength #fitness #health #bodybuilding #powerlifting #apeathletics #lvft #gymshark

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Upper back pain

Hi @shawtylay Problems aren’t always solved what you think they are. Find the solution for the root of the problem and you’re gonna be ahead of the game. If the next 2 videos don’t help, hit me up and I can stop by. – • Anyway upper back pain doesn’t always mean there’s a situation in your upper back. The body acts as a whole and learns the same way the mind does. If you always slouch in your chair, you’re body is going to learn that slouching is normal which also leads to excessive kyphosis. Kyphosis is the foundation of upper back pain and this video. Hope this enlightens you. #SumoLifts #BeBetterToday #BeStrongerToday #backpain #kyphosis #personaltrainer #instafit #humpday #fitness #exercise #igfitness #health #powerlifting #bodybuilding #strongman #gymshark #LVFT #humpday #gym

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