My Approach

Everyone benefits from feeling strong, and my mission with SumoLifts is to empower the everyday man and woman to reach their potential through strength training fitness.

The fitness community can be that outlet you may have wanted/needed to help you take your fitness to the next level; or, it may be that one thing that you never knew that you needed in order to wake up every morning with a goal. Goal setting is one of the first steps of being successful. SumoLifts is here to help break down your day or week to take your fitness dreams into reality.



My Story

I want to make an impact on my community and I’ve always put 110% of effort into my goals. I realized back in high school that I wasn’t built to be the best athlete and I was always bothered by the other guys who seemed to justhave the talent, but who didn’t have the drive to be the best. However, I loved the environment of an athletic community so I always immersed myself within it, and when I graduated high school in 2010 I earned my certification to be a Certified Personal Trainer by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and I’ve been training ever since.

#TransformationTuesday My progress from 2014 to now. I took my training seriously in 2015 and I thought about gaining weight to lose it to prove that IT IS POSSIBLE TO TURN AROUND YOUR HEALTH FOR THE BETTER. YOU JUST HAVE TO START TODAY! • 2015 to 2016 was easy to gain weight. I just indulged in foods I love without moderation. I gained almost 30 pounds in a year and I started to feel sluggish. I didn't like it but I'm glad I did this because I know better how it feels to be heavier. • • I have reviews on each year according to body conditioning. 2014 – carefree and chill 2015 – very high maintenance and not the most fun 2016 – strong but not very athletic and functional 2017 – I think I'm finding my balance of conditioning and strength • • Push your body to your curiosity and find out how you want to look AND feel. Key word here is "AND" because you need both. 💭 #SumoLifts #SumoStrong #BeBetterToday #BeStrongerToday #dontquit #fitfam #igfitness #workout #personaltrainer #iifym #flexibledieting #paleo #keto #LVFT #1stphorm #militarymuscle

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