Bryan Sumardi



    • TRX certified
    • Foam rolling level 1 certified
  • American Red Cross AED/CPR certified
  • US Marine Corps Corporal


Hi, I’m Bryan aka Sumo hence the name SumoLifts. I am in the US Marine Corp Reserve and since we use our last names in the service, my fellow marines would call me Sumo short for Sumardi.

I started training powerlifting in the summer of 2015 and I’m constantly learning to be better. I started weighing in at about 155 lbs around June that summer. I got to 141.2 lbs that November was the leanest I’ve ever been and took over MD state championships in USAPL. Now that I only qualify in the open category in the USAPL, I dedicated 2016 to a bulk. I weigh about 170 as of November 2016. Now it’s time to cut again. My knowledge of macro training is the reason how I can cycle between 30 lbs from year to year.

I followed the conjugate program during my first year of training for powerlifting and I am currently trying to develop my own method of training (conjugate and linear hybrid).

Fun Fact – I used to be a running back and wrestler in high school so I do have a background in agility and mental toughness.