I just want to talk about the importance of flexibility/mobility of your body and how I accredit it to my fitness. My warm up consists of some time of trigger point therapy to prime and loosen my muscles; then rehab by heavy loading with proper form. All this saying, heavy load is relative to what I can do with control for a set amount of set and reps.

Trigger Point Therapy

Most people may associate trigger point therapy with foam rolling, but it is not limited to just foam rolling. The body has specific points that relieve tightness in muscles; the tightness is muscles is a cause for limited mobility. The excuse that “my body just doesn’t move that way” or ” I’m just not coordinated” is you limiting your potential for strength and athleticism.

When it comes to powerlifting, efficiency is key; the attempt of squatting, bench pressing, and/or deadlifting maximal loads required a full amount of focus to lift that weight to lockout. If you are more efficient in an exercise, you are MORE LIKELY to achieve GOALS QUICKLY so you can SEE the difference, and MORE STRENGTH to FEEL the difference.

Lower body pain/tightness usually occur in the groin, hips, and hamstrings. Tightness in these areas usually will not allow proper squat depth or pain when attempting to go into depth.

USAPL Squat depth

In the upper body, pain/tightness occurs in the back and shoulders. A common cause of this roots from a tightness in the chest and limits shoulder mobility. I know the areas to strengthen or loosen in order for you to get in better form and posture.


Below is a link to a Youtube video by Dr. Quinn on Butt Wink

Mobility by JTS strength

The Power of Belief

“If you believe, you can achieve”

I’m not saying if you want something like to be the strongest personal in the world, it’ll just happen. It’s going to take WORK. It’s going to take GRIT, but as long as you don’t give up, you will achieve success and happiness. Belief and determination are the keys to be successful in anything. Belief in fitness gives the believer the determination and will to do what is needed to succeed in given sport/goal.


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