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Hey guys,

This weekend I took the train to the DC convention center to see the health and fitness expo. I live in the Gaithersburg area and of course the red line had “scheduled mantanience so it basically took an hour to get there, but it was nice to not drive for once. I got there and there was some cool stuff. It was cool to see local fitness people. The general fitness business in the area is zumba though. There was some Redskins players there, but I was too late. I think they felt around 2 PM on Saturday and I got there around 3:45. It was very kid friendly for people touring the area or with a family. I took some footage and I’ll upload it a little later. I got to tinker with iMovie and editing skills. I think I’m getting better. It’s just really cool that I can do it on my phone. I just know that I’ll run out of memory on my phone soon. I’ve been only making these videos for instagram so I limit them for 1 minute long. I think I got most of the expo and my workout that features Josh Estrada though.

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