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Last Friday of 2016 and for those of you who may know me and my training, I dread thinking about cardio. Today I knew if I lifted, it would have been crap. Instead I hopped on the treadmill and knocked out some tempo intervals. I walked at 3.0 mph for a minute and then the following minute, I ran at 8.0 mph. I did that for 17 minutes. I broke a sweat. It felt good.

I’m probably gonna go to the minute clinic to get myself checked out for this cough I have over the next couple days. I’m looking into 2 venues for my training practice. It is going to be District Barbell in Fairfax, VA and Team Eckenrode Gym & Fitness in Rockville, MD. I’ll post pictures of the venues over the weekend. Join me taking people to be a stronger and better self. #BeStrongerToday

Happy New year!

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