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Thanks @jacoberlich9 @soldierfit.thefort for allowing me to train at the gym today and let me hit a PR today. I appreciate it!I haven't squatted with belt and sleeves in over 2 months. Due to me being a dumb dumb and confused with bumper LB plates with kg plates, I either hit a 400 or 405 squat. I found one 10 lbs plate when I was re-racking my weight when I thought there was supposed to be a 15 lbs plate, but I'll take it I broke 400 lbs on my weight while the MD state raw record is 407 lbs. Progress is progress!#BeStrongerToday #BeBetterToday #SumoLifts #powerlifting #bodybuilding #soldierfit #motivation #fitness #unleashthebeast #massthelticlegion #gymshark

Posted by Sumo Lifts on Monday, December 26, 2016

Just yesterday I visited my buddy Jake who works at SoldierFit in Gaithersburg to check out the facility and get a workout in. I had an opportunity to use my belt and knee sleeves for once because I never bring my gear to my office gym. So I attempted a squat PR and I had a successful lift. SoldierFit only has bumper plates and my previous PR was 375 lbs and once I hit 365, I ran out of space on the bar. I met Nick, who is a trainer there, and he pointed out that there were 25kg skinner plates which equals 55 lbs.

Long story short, I grinded out a 400/405 lbs PR and the discrepancy between the 400 and 405 is because I found a 10 lbs plate when I was re-racking my plates when on the other side was a 15 lbs plate.

So, today I knew my CNS (central nervous system) ¬†was going to be fried. I chose to do a shoulder and arms day. Today’s workout consists of:

Arnold Press 35lbs


Superset with Supinated dumbell bicep curl 20lbs


Dumbell Lateral raise 15 lbs


Superset with hammer curls 20lbs


Face Pulls


Superset with Cable rope push down


Then ended with 8 minutes on the bicycle for a cool down


Self awareness is key to powerlifting/bodybuilding. If you know how your body is feeling, you can train efficiently and achieve your goal more quickly.


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