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On Saturday I got in touch with my friend, Bradley Duong, who knew Graston. I definitely thought I was going to be in a world of pain during the process, but it turns out that foam rolling and trigger point therapy work well together. The graston technique definitely got places where I couldn’t hit myself like my groin and my traps. My calves were probably the worst, but that just shows when you don’t take care of your ENTIRE body, some muscles will creep up on you and take their toll.

Today I did a push/pull workout. I was still a little sore in the lats,but other than that I feel pretty loose.

Superset bench press/bent over row


45 – 10 reps

135 – 5 reps

185 – 5 reps

225 – 3×5

Bent over row

135 – 3×10

Lat pull

85 – 10

100 – 10

115 – 2×8

Face Pull

35 – 3×15

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