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Would you like to get stronger, look better, and gain more confidence?

I've found that with my training techniques, my clients have proven to obtain the three things mentioned above. I do this by teaching power-lifting. How? I increase your body self-awareness. Client testimonials are to the right.

Come to a seminar/workshop and get a taste of what you can become.

Next Workshop

Deadlift workshop - Nov 3th - 11 AM - 1 PM (link below)



Squat workshop - Nov 4th - 11 AM - 1 PM (link below)




Weight training and powerlifting has given me a sense of belonging. I believe in creating a community for the average office worker to be have a feeling of being strong, confident, and mobile. 

How many people as they age have issues just getting up every morning? How many people wake up and not have anything to look forward for the rest of the day, week, or month? How many people people have confident issues?

I have personally resolved these issues with the help of fitness and education of the body. I want to provide an path for personal growth that goes hand and hand with the success of your fitness goal.



Training plans

Thorough. 3 day splits. 4 day split. 6 day split. Custom towards your fitness goals


Nutrition Plans

Macros. 5-2. Clean eating. Keto. Paleo. Vegetarian. Pescatarian


Life schedule

How can I realistically incorporate this plan into your daily life?


Keys to success

What's your goal?

Weight loss. Transformation. Strength. Confidence. Nutrition. Powerlifting.

How do you want to measure your success?

MyFitnessPal. Food scale. Body scale. Tape measurements. Photos. RepCount. Strength. Body fat percentage.


My Story

If you want to make a transformation, such as weight loss and gain strength, I went into USMC boot camp in April 2012 at 150 pounds and running a 1.5 miles 12-14 minutes to about 135 pounds running 3 miles sub 20 minutes. For 2016, I worked out for leisure and a stress manager. I gained about 25 pounds and became 170 pounds in order to gain strength, but ultimately because I let go. As of January 31, 2017, I'm back to 158 pounds just as strong but with a better physique. My goal is to stabilize 150-155 by April 2017. Let me guide you to your fitness goals.

If you've reach a goal, you have won. Right? Winning is an individual concept. My job as a trainer is to figure out what your "goal/win" is and "reverse engineer" it so I can teach you step by step how you can WIN and ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL. I am fond of teaching the foundations of nutrition and the big 3: squat, bench press, and deadlift. If you want to prep for a powerlifting meet, you're in good hands. I found powerlifting in the summer of 2015 and regained some weight to be about 145-150 pounds. By the end of 2015 I was able to squat 2.55 times my bodyweight, bench press 1.86 times my bodyweight, and deadlift 3 times my bodyweight in competition.



Powerlifting is my personal fitness activity that makes me feel empowered. It has a quantifiable number you can see that shows your improvements by the weeks. I want to show you how it can change your life.

Proper stretching and trigger point therapy will help you move like you are back in high school. Wouldn't that be awesome? Teaching breathing and self-awareness are my keys to improving mobility. Contact me for a free assessment.




Bryan helped me tone up through a combination of weight training and nutrition management. He made each session interesting by introducing new exercises. He’s knowledgeable and punctual — a true professional!

  • Claudia Davila – 2015 age 33

I have worked with Bryan, on and off, for about 2 years. He always brings a fresh perspective to workouts that keep you challenged and motivated. Over the past couple of years, Bryan developed several different training programs for me that emphasized cardio conditioning and weight training. With his help, I also started doing power-lifting workouts, and I was able to increase my total lifts from 550 lbs to nearly 950 lbs. He also knows how to set up a nutrition program for you to help you maximize gains and achieve your weight goals. I would highly recommend Bryan to others who want to get in shape!

  • Bryan Elrod – 2014-2016 age 49

I never thought having my clothes not fit could be a good thing. Thanks to Bryan, all my pants are too big.

  • Joslyn Mintz - 2013-2014

Not only does Bryan keep me focused during training, but his tips while I am on my own have helped a great deal. Nutritional information and other information on how to stay motivated and lose the weight are just as important as the workouts when we train. Bryan always pushes me and keeps me motivated to reach my goals. I have more stamina now and know I will reach my weight goals with his training expertise.

  • Alicia Mcleod - 2014

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